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Sadler Foundation Hosts Winners of

FAST TALK with Elliott Sadler Experience


I would like to personally thank Robin for her enthusiasm and support with the FAST TALK with Elliott Sadler Experience. On Monday I picked her up in my Dodge Durango around 6:30pm and we headed to the PRN studios in Concord, NC. She was able to meet PRN's Doug Rice and Alicia Lingerfeldt. Doug is the man and Alicia is the woman behind the man! She runs the show pretty much!!


Robin was able to watch us get ready for the show and catch up on some of the most recent NASCAR gossip. We talked about the COT races to date, the points battle, etc. It turns out Robin thinks a lot like I do, especially as it pertains to the COT races. We finally went live and were broadcast all across the country.


Surprise! Surprise! We asked Robin to jump on the mic and she did so with ease. She was a great guest, a great fan and someone that's been supportive of me and my career for several years. She's also a huge hockey fan. I'm from Virginia and we don't know a lot about hockey. She swears she'll take me to a game and explain everything but I think I'll need to at least do a little research first.


Hermie and I would like to thank all of the fans that have bid on the auctions. We are going to have a couple more before the year is over. We really try and balance it between memorabilia and providing Sadler fans one of a kind opportunities.


I also have to thank everyone at PRN who made the FAST TALK with Elliott Sadler Experience possible. And, as a bonus, PRN promised Robin a couple of pit passes when she comes back for the race in October. How cool is that!!


Until next time....

Elliott Sadler



About the Hermie and Elliott Sadler Charitable Foundation:
The Hermie and Elliott Sadler Charitable Foundation is dedicated to raising autism awareness and promoting research for a cure while also supporting initiatives that improve educational opportunities for children and their families. The Foundation provides support to projects that share the ideals and concerns of the Sadler family.


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