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Sadler Foundation Hosts Brickyard Winners!!


Thank you to Peter and Elizabeth for their support!! They were the winning bidders of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Experience. It was a pleasure meeting them over the weekend and the Sadler Foundation truly appreciates their donation.

Peter and Elizabeth arrived at 9:30 a.m. at Elliott’s personal motorcoach where they received a goody package of t-shirts, diecasts, team shirts and other #19 merchandise. They had the opportunity to meet with Elliott for over half an hour and ask all their burning questions. These fans didn’t miss a beat and wanted to know what was going on at Evernham Motorsports. Elliott candidly spoke of the progress the team has made and his future in racing.

After the private Meet and Greet, they were escorted over to the #19 hauler where they were given a tour by Miko the hauler driver. They had a look at this moving garage and all of its components and were given an insiders view of the technical side of it all.

A special thanks to Allstate for making this prize package even more memorable! They not only donated the tickets, but they also included two hospitality passes to the Allstate Pavillion. It was a definite bonus for the winners to have a place to grab a bite to eat in some air-conditioning before the race began.

Peter took the time to write the note below regarding their experience:

Elizabeth and I so enjoyed our Indianapolis experience with the Sadler Foundation. We got to see a side of NASCAR that was both overwhelming and exciting. Watching practice from the garage area; seeing how serious all the drivers are without their "TV faces" on; how hard the team members work, and how much each of them care adds an insight and understanding that helps us see just how hard it is to get the cars "right."


We especially want to thank Elliott for welcoming Elizabeth and I into his RV, and having coffee with Brett, you and Elliott on the bus. It was especially thoughtful of him. A special thanks to Miko for showing us his home, Elliott's hauler. The pit crew guys treated us like part of them, and it was really special.


Watching the race from Elliott's pit left us both with the feeling, "do we have to leave, even if the race is over?"


I know the donation is for a great cause, but we think we got the best end of the deal!

Thanks so much, Peter



About the Hermie and Elliott Sadler Charitable Foundation:
The Hermie and Elliott Sadler Charitable Foundation is dedicated to raising autism awareness and promoting research for a cure while also supporting initiatives that improve educational opportunities for children and their families. The Foundation provides support to projects that share the ideals and concerns of the Sadler family.


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